Data management

    Centralize your data, right in the cloud. Publish data sources from Tableau Desktop. Define data connections, add metadata and author entirely new calculations and data field for everyone to use.

    Cloud data connections

    Refresh Salesforce and Google Analytics data on set schedules at incremental levels. Maintain live, direct connections with Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift. Get alerts when data connections fail. Or push data from inside your company to Tableau Online.


    Author a dashboard once, view it anywhere, on any device. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming. Use familiar tablet gestures to view and interact with dashboards in mobile web browsers or using native iPad and Android apps.


    Get critical information right in your email inbox by subscribing to a workbook. Simply click into the email to interact with the data live in your web browser.

    Reliable service

    Tableau Online is a SaaS application built on the same enterprise-class architecture of Tableau Server. We also serve tens of thousands of views everyday with Tableau Public. Your content is ready, on-demand, on a reliable service used by millions around the world.

    Always up-to-date

    We run Tableau Online, so it will always have the latest technology built in, as soon as it’s ready. You just sit back and enjoy all the latest features.