Business Intelligence

    True business intelligence comes from the analytical search and reporting capabilities that are available to a company's business community as a result of the data rationalization and integration process that takes place during the construction of a BI system.

    Data Integration

    ITBusiness's mission is to help our customers increase their competitive advantage by maximizing their Return on Data to drive their top business imperatives. We believe that if we can increase the value of data and lower the cost of data then our customers can maximize the return on their data, deliver new revenue at lower costs, increase margins and ensure unique competitive differentiation to their business.

    Training & Eduction

    ITBusiness can render on-site advice and guidance to maximize the ROI of your data integration, warehouse and business intelligence initiatives. ITBusiness provides formal training and learnership opportunities to educate your staff on general and specific technical topics within the data discipline.

    Education services

    Skills and Education
    Knowledge is power, especially in the IT world. A well-trained, knowledgeable staff is key to your organization's long-term growth and success. ITBusiness will work with you to ensure that your people have the skills and education to keep your projects on track.
    Skills and knowledge assessment
    We will conduct a skills and knowledge assessment of your team, business users and management to compare them with your objectives, scope and deliverables of your project. We will perform a gap analysis and recommend a complete training program. This program may include vendor training, and may also include books, articles, and white papers for continued self education. We will customize specific courses specifically for your company and your project's needs.

    For more information on our courses, contact the ITBusiness training division

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